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     The Delta Air-King Advantage:
  • Air-King Systems are designed for longest duration times and user-friendly operation.
  • All of our systems are clearly presented for your information and review.
  • Friendly technical support and help choosing the right oxygen equipment for you.
  • Highest quality and best value at the lowest prices.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and no worry returns.
  • Worldwide shipping.
      * Lowest Price Guarantee - If you find a lower price on a comparable system, we will give you 10% off our price. 

  • Oxygen Cascade Systems for filling portable cylinders to full pressure built in-house.
  • Choose any configuration that meets your needs for cylinder filling.
  • We will work with you to be sure that the cascade system meets your exact needs.
  • Call us for a free written quotation.

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  • Aviation Oxygen Transfill Equipment for filling portable cylinders
  • Custom adapters to meet any need
  • Specialized terminations for onboard aircraft oxygen systems
  • Fast shipping - usually same business day.

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  • Pressure regulators for servicing aircraft oxygen. 
  • Comes in 1, 2, 3 or 4 bottle configurations.
  • Build in-house per your specifications.
  • Usually ships within 24 hours.

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  • Containment Stations offer protection from overpressurizing cylinders when filling.
  • Air-Shield Stations hold round bottomed cylinders upright for convenience when filling.

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Fill adapters and combo adapters for aviation oxygen filling.
  • PTFE 3000 PSI Braided Hoses. 
  • Armour Guard Stainless Steel Braided Hoses.
  • 6000 PSI Braided Stainless Steel Hoses.

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  • 1 or 2 Place "Tool-Free" Aviation Oxygen Systems with CGA-870 valve. 
  • Includes cylinder, adjustable regulator, oxygen mask, and nasal cannula.
  • Oxymizer Conserving Cannulas.
  • Cylinder Shoulder Bag.
  • Seat bag for 15 and 24 CF systems.

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  • 1 or 2 Place Systems with CGA-540 low profile valve with gauge. 
  • Includes Cylinder, Regulator, Oxygen mask, Cannula and Cylinder Bag.
  • Oxymizers.

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PreciseControl Aviation Oxygen System
  • Individual dial flow controls on a lightweight manifold.
  • Convenient, efficient, simple to operate.
  • One to six stations
  • Complete systems include all accessories
  • Highest duration with Oxymizer cannulas
  • Available in CGA-870 or CGA-540 setups
  • Choose 4 CF/113 L, or 6 CF/160 L sizes
  • Immediate oxygen in an emergency
  • Compact and simple to operate
  • Available in CGA-870 or CGA-540 setups
Aviation Oxygen Cylinders

Aluminum Oxygen Cylinders

  • Stock Cylinders from 2 cu.ft to 24 cu.ft
  • Special Order Cylinders to 122 cu.ft.
  • Aluminum or composite cylinders
  • CGA-870 or CGA-540 valves
  • Replacement valves
  • Cylinder brackets

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Oxygen Regulators

Oxygen Regulators

  • CGA-540 or CGA-870 regulators
  • Delta™ regulators and other national brands 
  • Specialized regulators with DISS fittings
  • Flow setting ranges up to 25 LPM

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Oxymizer Conserving Nasal Cannula


  • Oxygen conserving cannula 
  • Extend cylinder duration time
  • Choose pendant or nasal cannula

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Aviation Oxygen Masks & Cannulas

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Pulse Oximeter, Aviation Oximeter
  • Measure blood oxygen saturation levels
  • Compact and accurate
  • Monitor for hypoxia
  • Discounted prices when ordered with a system

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Aviation Oxygen Flow Meters

Meters, Gauges and Hoses

  • Inline flow meters
  • Liter meters
  • Pressure gauges

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Aviation Oxygen Cylinder Bags, Packs, Seat bags

Cylinder Bags and Cases

  • Shoulder Bags
  • Seat Bags
  • Gear Bags

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Air-King Aviation Oxygen Systems and Accessories

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Precise Control Two Place Special - Includes Oxymizers

     Summer Special!


 Precise Control Manifold System

 Two Place 9 CF with Oxymizers



System provides up to 8 hours of oxygen for two people with separate flow controls.


Need a larger tank?  Call us and we will upgrade to a 15CF (2020 production) for only $50.


We have a special offer on new, old stock 15 CF cylinders - $50 each!  Please call to order.


  .OSystem Includes: 

  • Two Position Manifold with individual dial flow controls
  • 9 CF Aluminum Cylinder with CGA-870 valve with toggle
  • 12 Position Regulator
  • 2 Oxymizer cannulas (pendant style - or mustache style, if you prefer) 
  • 2 Standard Masks, 2 Nasal Cannulas
  • 6 ft. connecting hose
  • Settings/Altitude Chart
  • 50% Discount offer on Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
For all of our Precise Control Systems click here

  Special Price  - $500.00
Shipping is $50 within the Continental US 

 Customer Comments....
I've enjoyed my Air-King Precise Control aviation oxygen system for its ease of operation and exact flow control.  It's great on my long cross-country flights with my family, and I like the safety and economy of flying at higher altitudes...Darryl D., Phoenix AZ
I do a lot of volunteer flying for Angel Flight.  In the past, I have not offered passengers oxygen since I have had only a 2-place system. This new 4 place system will allow me to keep my passengers alert even when ATC makes us go to 12000 ft.  I can’t wait to get rid of my two-ton steel tank!... Dave C., Las Vegas, NV
I appreciated your patient explanation of equipment needed, and your order processing and email communications were very much appreciated... Ron K. Beaufort, SCc

It is a pleasure to do business with people who are interested in doing business!....Phil W., Houston, TX

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