Oxygen Recovery and Generation System

Oxygen Recovery/Generating with Cascade Filling System 

Reclaim residual low pressure oxygen from master cylinders to repressurize cascade system cylinders and fill portable oxygen cylinders.  Eliminate waste associated with oxygen remaining in cylinders needing recharging.

Designed for use by:
  • FBO Aircraft Oxygen 
  • Fire Departments
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Ambulance Companies
  • Scuba/Dive Oxygen Providers
  • Medical, Dental, Veterinary Offices



.Typical Setup Includes:

  • Delta 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with 2 LPM port to Compressor
  • 8 ft. Transfill Hose Assembly w/ check valve, gauge
  • Oxygen supply line connecting hose
  • CGA-540 Oxygen Regulator with compressor hose assembly
  • DEL 6C-2H Oxygen Cascade System with manifold w/ CGA-540 to 870 fill lines 

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Oxygen PSI Remaining
% of Oxygen in Tank
Liters Remaining in Tank

Potential Extra Fills

600 PSI


1960 Liters

4.5 D Cylinders

400 PSI


1310 Liters

3 D Cylinders

200 PSI


655 Liters

1.5 D Cylinders



                     DEL-300 Oxygen Booster
                       (Intensifier) Pump
Gas bottles only supply enough gas until the system equalizes. Sometimes there may be 1000 psig of unused gas. Don't give back the product you have already paid for. By using our Oxygen Booster, oxygen bottles can know be pumped down to 250 psig. Cost savings on gas pays for the booster. Oxygen can be transferred to another low pressure bottle or directly into the aircraft. The unit is designed to be mounted on a wall, bench or on a portable bottle cart, so it can be taken to the aircraft. Operates by shop air or an optional nitrogen drive. Bottle Regulator on inlet gas recommended.
Designed for maximum safety:
  • Oxygen wetted components are principally brass - the best material for oxygen service, far surpassing stainless steel
  • Other materials are optimized for oxygen service
  • All oxygen wetted parts have been cleaned per Spec. ARP 1176

Shipping billed separately.

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