Oxygen Reclaimation Compressor Unit
for Transfill Assemblies and Cascade Systems 

Reclaim residual low pressure oxygen from master cylinders to repressurize cascade system cylinders.
Typical Setup (pictured above right) Includes:  

  • DEL 6C-2H Oxygen Cascade System with manifold w/ CGA-540 to 870 fill lines
  • Delta 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator with 2 LPM port to Compressor
  • 8 ft. Transfill Hose Assembly w/ check valve, gauge
  • Oxygen supply line connecting hose
  • CGA-540 Oxygen Regulator with compressor hose assembly

Designed for use by:
  • Fire Departments
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Home Healthcare Companies
  • Ambulance Companies 
  • Scuba/Dive oxygen providers
  • Medical, dental, veterinary offices

Oxygen PSI Remaining
% of Oxygen in Tank
Liters Remaining in Tank

Potential Extra Fills

600 PSI


1960 Liters

4.5 D Cylinders

400 PSI


1310 Liters

3 D Cylinders

200 PSI


655 Liters

1.5 D Cylinders

Shipping $65
within Continental US